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One of the biggest problems facing South Africa today is the gap between policy and practice and the IPT directors and associates work  with key government departments to ensure this gap narrows.   Transformation is a slow process but years of experience have given the IPT directors and associates the long term vision to understand that miracles don't happen overnight and it takes years of tireless work to entrench new practice. The IPT is staffed by a diverse group of associates with a wide range of experience, who since 1990 have developed a methodology which ensures effective consultative and collaborative problem solving processes within the target organizations.

Transformation requires the development of a clear strategy, the use of appropriate skills and a broadening of the consultative process. A primary focus of the IPT's work is on building and strengthening interpersonal and inter group relationships.

This is achieved through facilitation and training. An active research department, using established social science methodologies monitors all IPT interventions.