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Deportation of Refugees and Western Cape High Court decision

A particularly disturbing patterns has emerged  whereby Immigration has been summarily arresting and detaining asylum seeker who go to renew their asylum seeker permits and are presented with their rejections.

These asylum seekers are unaware that they are going to be detained. They are not given the opportunity to wind up their affairs and consider either the option of pursuing their matter through further legal means such as judicial review or to consider leaving the country voluntarily and with dignity.

The summary arrests and detention encroaches upon the individuals dignity. The Western Cape High Court decision(attached here :see point 7) is quite clear in that Home Affairs is interdicted from summarily arresting and detaining individuals who are not recognized as refugees.

They are totally ignoring this decision and summary detentions persist. Another issue of concern is that when the detainee brings the matter to court and the Magistrate does not confirm the warrant and detention of the detainee, the detainee is not released. This again showings scant regard for the findings of the court. Click here to view Deportation of Refugees and Western Cape High Court decision

SA ignores deportee torture claims – Congolese claim the state is in cahoots with Kabila to stifle dissent article by Niren Tolsi. Refer to page 14 Mail and Guardian March 9 – 15, 2012

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