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Existing Security Conditions :
A 50-Point Diagnostic Questionnaire

Answer yes or no to each question. Score TWO points for every 'no' answer

1. Is your school located in a high-crime area?No Yes
2. Is there an informal settlement nearby?No Yes
3. Are there gangs operating in your area?No Yes
4. Is your school in a poor and disadvantaged area?No Yes
5. Is the nearest police station more than ten minutes driving time from the school?No Yes

B. Management.
Answer yes or no. Score TWO points for every 'yes' answer

6. Does you school have a documented (written) security plan?No Yes
7. Do you have a school security committee?No Yes
8. Does your school try to use democratic management principles, by including everyone in the school in open decision making?No Yes
9. Have your school rules been generated through a democratic process, i.e. were school learners involved in making the school rules?No Yes
10. Is everyone in every class given a fair chance to air their views?No Yes
11. Does your school have an equal opportunities policy?No Yes
12. Corporal punishment is illegal. Has it been eliminated from your school?No Yes
13. Does your school keep a record of violent and criminal incidents?No Yes
14. Is there a well-known method for reporting incidents of physical and verbal abuse?No Yes
15. Does the school have a system of identifying and referring to counselling those children who are prone to violence?No Yes
16. Are there well-known consequences or penalties for being a member of a gang?No Yes
17. Are there definite consequences for any kind of violence or crime?No Yes
18. Does your school prosecute criminals and offenders?No Yes

C. Security of Premises.
Answer yes or no. Score TWO points for every 'yes' answer.

19. Is your school properly fenced around the entire perimeter?No Yes
20. Does your school have volunteers or guards who patrol the perimeter?No Yes
21. Does your school have one or more security guards?No Yes
22. Does your school have a system for watching and checking on learners as they move about the grounds and buildings?No Yes
23. Does your school put up posters with the phone numbers of Crime Stop and the local police station, so that crimes can be reported?No Yes
24. Has your security officer, principal, or security committee contacted the local police station and discussed emergency arrangements and police reaction times?No Yes
25. Does your school regularly conduct weapons searches?No Yes
26. Is there an access control system to prevent trespassing?No Yes
27. Are all visitors met and greeted at the entrance?No Yes
28. Can all doors and windows be locked and secured?No Yes
29. Does your school have a caretaker?No Yes
30. Does your school have a strong room?No Yes
31. Does your school make use of any electronic security devices (alarms, sirens, panic buttons, etc.)?No Yes
32. Is all valuable equipment listed in a stock book and marked with the name of the school?No Yes

D. Community Involvement.
Answer yes or no. Score TWO points for every 'yes' answer

33. Is your school used for organised community activities after hours and on weekends?No Yes
34. Does your school have community sources of support and advice on security issues?No Yes
35. Is your school represented at the community policing forum?No Yes
36. Does your school have a community school watch programme?No Yes
37. Does your school receive assistance from local business?No Yes
38. Does your school have assistance from non-government or communitybased organisations?No Yes
39. Are there after-school youth programmes available to learners?No Yes

E. Rules and Procedures:
Answer yes or no. Score TWO points for every 'yes' answer

40. Have the school rules, procedures, and code of conduct been discussed and explained at the school assembly?No Yes
41. Are important rules and procedures written onto notices and circulated around the school?No Yes
42. Does the school keep the local, national and provincial regulations on security in an accessible place?No Yes

E Training..
Answer yes or no. Score TWO points for every 'yes' answer

43. Does your school have an education programme in security awareness?No Yes
44. Does your school offer training in conflict management?No Yes
45. Does you school use peer mediation?No Yes
46. Are trained counsellors (or teachers) available to troubled learners?No Yes
47. Is there an education programme for dealing with substance abuse?No Yes
48. Is there diversity training to encourage an understanding with those of other races, gender, cultures, and sexual orientation?No Yes
49. Is there a sex education programme to help prevent sexual violence?No Yes
50. Has the staff been trained in crisis intervention?No Yes

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