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ACCORD - www.accord.org.za
Contact person: Ian Henderson-Willen
Email: info@accord.org.za
Tel: +27 31 262-9340
Fax: +27 31 204-4875

ADR RESOURCES - www.adrr.com
Contact person: Stephen Marsh

An excellent resource for mediators or would-be mediators. Have a good on line newsletter. Also good links from this page

A useful on-line newsletter with a training focus. Provides list of Africa based trainers and consultants

CENTRE FOR CONFLICT RESOLUTION - www.ccrweb.ccr.uct.ac.za/
Tel: +27 422 2512
Fax: +27 422 2622
Training and mediation services. Produce "Track Two" an excellent publication dealing with constructive approaches to community and political conflicts. Also run a schools mediation programme for teachers.

Contact person: Joanne McDaniel
Hosts web forum on school violence prevention issues. Good material and some excellent anti-violence posters and stickers for sale.

Contact person: Isabelle De Grandpre
Email: degrandprei@mtb.und.ac.za
CSLS have a democracy and human rights centre, run the StreetLaw programme and produce Democracy Watch

CHAPTER 2 NETWORK - www.advocacy.org.za
Contact person: Samantha Fleming
Email : samantha@idasact.org.za
Tel: 27 21 461 2559
Fax : 27 21 461 2589
Chapter 2 Network is based on the second chapter of the constitution: the Bill of Rights. A clearinghouse of information and communication for social justice issues, they provide support for civil society organisations involved in advocacy in South Africa, who use this network to actively share skills, experiences and advocacy activities. Also produce a very good free online "Social Justice Digest" with up to date news and info

DURBAN SAFER CITY PROJECT - www.durban.gov.za/emergency/SaferCities
Contact person: Sid Brettell
Email : SaferCities@durban.gov.za
Tel: 27 31 337 9532
Fax : 27 31 337 0172

INCORE - www.incore.ulst.ac.uk
Initiative on Conflict Resolution and Ethnicity
A global centre for the study and resolution of conflict. Lots of material on the Northern Ireland conflict. Good research source. Good info regarding conferences etc

INDICATOR SA - www.nu.ac.za/indicator
Contact persons: Deanne Collins / Ted Leggett
Subscriptions : subscribe@admin.und.ac.za
Email: editor@admin.und.ac.za
A South African information service with good publications including Crime and Conflict and Indicator SA. Subscriptions are available via their site

IRIN (Integrated Regional Information NEtwork) - www.reliefweb.int/IRIN
Contact person: Joanne Clark
Tel: +225 21 7367
Fax: +225 21 6335
Aims : to increase the sharing of information within the humanitarian community working on crisis in sub Saharan Africa. We provide free information bulletins on sub-Saharan African humanitarian crisis via e-mail and the web

The GCA is a network of organisations and individuals calling for the stricter control of firearms in South Africa. Currently nearly 200 diverse national, regional and local organisations support the Charter for Gun Control, including business, health, religious, women and youth organisations.

KEEP SCHOOLS SAFE - www.keepschoolssafe.org
A collection of information and resources for keeping schools safe

A free management library with hundreds of articles and publications. Also host the Non Profit Grassroots MBA

MEDIATION TRAINING INSTITUTE SOUTHERN AFRICA - www.mediationworks.com/mti/safrica/index.html Resources for managing workplace conflict

PCRD - Project For Conflict Resolution and Development - www.pcrd.org.za
The Project for Conflict Resolution and Development (PCRD) is a development organisation working primarily in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, that researches, designs, trains and facilitates processes that enable disadvantaged and/or at-risk communities and organisations to positively deal with conflict and transformation.

PDI - Participative Development Initiative - www.pdi.org.za
Email : info@pdi.org.za
Participative Development Initiative (PDI) seeks to contribute to the alleviation of poverty through promoting sustainable development and strengthening the institutional capacity of established community, institutional and corportate structures in South Africa - in specific areas of effective conflict management, access to economic opportunities and a human rights culture.

PEACE LEARNING CENTER - www.peacelearningcenter.org
Contact person: Charlie Wiles
Email: info@peacelearningcenter.org

An USA based organisation that provides training, peace camps and community mediation resources and training

PEACE EDUCATION RESOURCES - www.aimhieducational.com/links/links.html
Contact person: Susan Fitzell

Contact person: Sifiso Denzil Xulu
Email: sifiso@ppp.org.za
Tel: +27 31 260-1182
Fax: +27 31 260-1229
A South African parliamentary monitoring organisation based in KwaZulu Natal

< www.profilekzn.co.za

Contact person : Cheryl Goodenough
Email: cheryl@profilekzn.co.za
Tel: +27 31 765-4208
Fax: +27 31 765-4208
Produce "Perspectives" an on-line magazine providing in-depth background information on events in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa including education and policing issues

RIBBON OF PROMISE - www.ribbonofpromise.org
USA based national campaign to end school violence

RESTORATIVE JUSTICE PROJECT - www.fresno.edu/pacs/rjp.html
Contact person: Elaine Enns (Program Director)
Email: rjp@vorp.org

SCHOOLNET SA - www.school.za
SchoolNet creates learning communities of educators and learners who use information and communication technology to enhance learning

SOUTH-NORTH ACTION GROUP - www.handl.net/snag
Contact person: Beatrice Achaleke
Email: achalekebea@yahoo.com
SNAG- South Nord Actiongroup Development Consulting work with Human Rights Education projects for and within the African Subregion, an example is Teaching teachers to teach Human Rights

TAKING THE BULLY BY THE HORNS - www.hometown.aol.com
Contact person: Kathy Noll
Email: kthynoll@aol.com
A useful self help site for bullying

SAFUNDI - The Journal of South African and American Comparative Studies - www.safundi.com
Contact person: Andrew Offenburger
Email: andrew@offenburger.com

THE WORK TRAUMA FOUNDATION - www.worktrauma.org
Contact person: Dr Susan Steinman
Tel.: +27 11 664-6527 or +27 82 4592082
Fax: +27 11 507-5628
Email: Work Trauma
The foundation offers programmes, advisory services, as well as research into workplace bullying and trauma since 1994.

ROBINSON LEADERSHIP - www.robinsonleadership.com
Tel.: +1 416 962 0008
Fax: +1 416 513 0348
Email: info@robinsonleadership.com
At Robinson, we work with organizations to bring about productive behavioural, attitudinal and cultural change.

GRID - The Power to Change -         www.gridseminars.com
Tel.: +1 416 962 0008
Fax: +1 416 513 0348
Email: info@gridseminars.com
We assist team building and the development of leadership at all levels of an organization;

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