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Our Work With Schools

Since our early beginnings in April 1990, a substantial portion of our work has always been within the education sector. A history of this work can be found in our 2001 Ten Year Review. Over this time our work has constantly evolved and we now provide information, training and facilitation around numerous issues such as

  • mediation, conflict management and peace education,
  • co operative learning and participative school management,
  • school safety and security
  • HIV / Aids interventions.

One of our areas of special interest is whole school development and we provide training, material and facilitation in order to assist schools in developing safe environments in which learning can occur. You can complete an online questionnaire to measure your SCHOOL SAFETY RATING. Some of our current projects include:

CASS - Community Alliance for Safe Schools

Schools Management Training
        (which includes Schools Management Briefings)

Character Building in Schools Project

Teenagers Action Aids Project

Schools Trauma Action Group

Children Against Bullying

IPT Publications and Research Articles

Protect Your School from Violence & Crime: Guidelines
        * 'These Guidelines are in Adobe Acrobat format'

Protecting Your School from Violence & Crime : 1999/2000
        An evaluation of a one year pilot project conducted in three schools in Durban, KwaZulu Natal

Protecting Your School from Violence & Crime : 2000/2001
        An evaluation of the second phase of a pilot project designed to measure the impact on a greater range of schools in a variety of areas (in PDF format)

Other publications which may be of interest are also available:

Curriculum 2005 - Changes in the Education System

Doing the Right Thing - IPT, Effective Schools and Education        for Democracy

Children at Risk: The Security Situation in Durban Schools

An Audit of Crime and Violence in Durban Schools 1998

A Literature Review of Interventions and Programmes
        dealing with Youth Violence in Urban Schools in South Africa
        July 1999

Crimes I have seen : Article

The Impact of Violence on High School Learners in the
        Durban Area

The Strengths Perspective : Family Resource Centres as
        a medium for Crime Prevention and Reduction in Schools

Several recent issues of insight @ ipt, our regular web based publication, have also focussed on issues within the education sector.

Education Resources and Training Material

Peace Begins With Me : Training Aid      

Conflict Busters : A Conflict Resolving Pocket Book      

We also have an extensive library which is open to educators in KwaZulu Natal. For further information please contact Primrose

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