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August 2001 - 2002

This was a one year project intended to

  • List and describe all community based crime prevention programmes in the geographic areas of KwaZulu-Natal as detailed above.
  • Create a document that can be used as a guideline for the establishment of future crime prevention initiatives and for initiatives experiencing difficulties.
  • Create a detailed resource document which provides insight into crime prevention initiatives in the selected geographical areas. This document will be a valuable reference as a result of it taking into account urban and rural areas as well as initiatives specific to areas with unique characteristics.
  • Suggest practical ways for co-operation and co-ordination between initiatives, taking into account that strategies should be cost effective.
  • Identify any initiatives or issues that require additional attention in further research.
  • Provide an opportunity for public debate through breakfast briefings.
As of July 2002 the following activities have been undertaken:
  • Identification of target projects and establishment of entry to these projects.
  • Identification of pertinent legislation and policy, and review of these to provide foundation for later work.
  • Implementing data collection for project database (an ongoing task).
  • Interviews and observation with target projects as per project framework .
  • Preliminary reports on each of the projects as per above.
  • Feedback meeting with Gauteng based role players.
  • Initial meeting of networking forum.
Emerging trends across projects have been identified. These trends include:
  • A relatively common problem in accessing resources.
  • Lack of 'networking' across projects.
  • The tendency of projects to work in isolation.
  • The reliance of interested and/or motivated individuals within local government and police structures for support.
  • Lack of reliance on local government or police systems.

Information arising from the project has been well received, both at national and local level, and data and interpretation have been verified during feedback sessions with participants. The final report is available in the form of a monograph entitled "Owning Safety : A Profile of Community Initiatives" ISBN 0-620-29597-x. For further information please contact Iole or the book can be ordered from Adams Bookstore.