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      March 2001 Vol 3 No 1

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  • Introduction
    Since 1990 the Independent Projects Trust (IPT) has often worked on projects which have necessitated our working with multiple stakeholders and many of these projects have been around peace-building within communities and have often required the development of joint strategies to reduce crime and violence. Through these numerous projects we have learnt a key lesson - a multi agency approach to issues of crime and violence works. It was this lesson, reinforced by a recent successful project and attendance at a workshop hosted by the World Council of Churches "Peace to the City" Network, that gave rise to this issue of insight.


  • The Boston Ten Point Coalition
    We look at an example of how multi agency approach reduced crime in one North American city.


  • Warwick Junction Urban Renewal
    A story from a South African city which dealt with urban degradation and crime through a multi agency approach.


  • WCC Peace to the City Campaign
    A brief history

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