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      April 2002 Vol 4 No 1

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  • Introduction

    Over the years our work at the IPT has often involved addressing issues that relate to trauma. Working in the fields of conflict resolution, mediation, crime and violence prevention, HIV/AIDS education, debriefing and even organisational change has repeatedly drawn our attention to the vast and critical impact of trauma on individual, groups and organisations. Increasingly, in contemporary South Africa, the impact of trauma is now being felt at a broader scale. The financial and emotional impact of trauma left unattended is becoming a priority issue for business, institutions of the state and communities to address if they are to return to a state of productivity and emotional health.

    This issue of insight focuses on trauma, with us first addressing the definition. We will then consider its impact, and the value of trauma debriefing. In addition, we will also share examples of the contexts within which we have observed and responded to trauma.

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