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      August 2001 Vol 3 No 3

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  • Introduction
HIV/AIDS is an issue that no South African can ignore. South Africa is indeed a nation 'living with HIV/AIDS' and the pandemic has and will continue to touch every aspect of the functioning of our country.
Statistics have long suggested that the most at risk group is the youth of South Africa, where citizens under 25 years of age, who make up more than half of the KwaZulu-Natal population, are increasingly vulnerable to HIV/AIDS. It is this sector of the population that need intensive intervention if a meaningful solution to the pandemic is to be found. It is also possibly this sector of the population who have the potential to work on constructive processes towards a solution to HIV/AIDS.
IPT recently launched an HIV/AIDS and Sexuality programme aimed at school going teenagers. The programme was devised after research and development conducted by Kerry Frizelle (formerly of CRISP and now based at the University of Natal where she works in the field of HIV/AIDS education), and Nompilo Xaba and Thabi Khoza of the IPT's Crime Reduction in Schools Project (CRISP).
In this issue of insight@ipt Xaba, Khoza and Frizelle provide a rationale for the programme as well as some insight into the nature of the programme.

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