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      JUNE 2000 Vol 2 No 2

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  • Introduction
    This issue is a follow up to Vol 1 No 4, the first issue in which we focussed on the South African Victim Empowerment Programme. We hope this issue will continue to spark debate and discussion around the Victim Empowerment Programme and inspire individuals and organisations to form partnerships and network.
  • Implementing the VEP in Six South African Police Stations
    We report on findings of a year long project to implement a project which contributes to effective support for victims .
  • Building NGO Partnerships for Effective Victim Empowerment in the Eastern Cape
    A case study from Project for Conflict Resolution and Development, detailing one effective implementation strategy
  • VEP Provincial Forums
    We discuss the role of provincial forums as a means of implementing the victim empowerment programme
  • National VEP Status Report
    A brief overview of the newly released National Status report

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