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The Crime Reduction in Schools Project (CRISP), was situated within Independent Projects Trust,  aimed at addressing issues of violence and crime that impact upon learners, schools and the communities served by the schools. Media surveys and reports from school staff and learners indicate clearly that schools and their populations are affected on a daily basis by crime and violence. It is clear that there exists a need among schools for a concerted response to the impact of criminal or violent events. This is particularly so when such events occur within the school environment or immediate surrounds, during school hours and when the events impact on school routine and learner and educator well being to the extent that disorganisation and potential trauma result.


The Schools Trauma Action Group (STAG), which is partially funded by ABSA, operated within the following framework:

  • In all schools situated within the Durban Central area.
  • During weekday office hours (i.e. 08h00 - 16h00) and school term times.

    Services offered include:

  • The dispatch to the school of a trained volunteer/volunteers, (these being Social Workers, Psychologists, University postgraduate students, or other persons trained in Crisis Management and Trauma Debriefing) who will engage in crisis management and trauma debriefing if such intervention is indicated or requested.
  • Referral of persons involved in the trauma/incident if referral for further intervention is indicated/requested.
  • Training of volunteers in crisis management and trauma debriefing.
  • Training of school staff in crisis management and trauma debriefing.
  • A professional consultant/supervisor is requited to conduct debriefings and on-going support for project workers.