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       Trauma Debriefing and Crisis Management in the Workplace

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We live in a society in which traumatic events are, unfortunately, commonplace. This means that members of every workforce have a high risk of being exposed to trauma in either their private and work lives. There is an equally high risk that the employer's response to these events will be inappropriate. Trauma, left unchecked, can result in individuals and groups responding in a range of negative of ways. These include becoming de-motivated, insecure, physically ill, emotionally fragile, aggressive and generally less productive. Increased absenteeism too is a common response.


An appropriate response to trauma involves the provision of short-term focussed debriefing. This is not therapy or long-term intervention, neither is it the domain of highly trained experts. This debriefing process is focussed on the particular incident and ways in which to normalise the situation for the person/group involved as soon as possible. The result is that they are able to recognise the impact of the event, deal with its immediate and potential long term impact, and return to normal levels of functioning and productivity as soon as possible.

The Independent Projects Trust (IPT) has developed a programme that trains individuals in brief trauma debriefing techniques. This three day training programme is aimed at individuals identified as potential debriefers within an organisation, for example, Human Resource Practitioners, Clinic or Health Centre staff, Employee Wellbeing Programme staff or people with an interest and aptitude for this kind of work.

Course participants are coached through an intensive programme which includes both a theoretical and practical focus, using role plays, real life situations and interactive training methods, so that at the end of the three day course they are ready to conduct their first debriefing. Back-up support is offered in the form of quarterly group meetings and where necessary, ad hoc consultations with a Professional Debriefer or Counsellor (at additional cost). In addition, a workbook is provided to each participant which provides them with the course information.

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