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In January 1997 the IPT added a much needed research department using sound social science methodologies to monitor our programmes, disseminate our findings, and to monitor, assess, and explain conflicts.

Current research includes four key issues, namely the interface between local government structures and traditional leaders, supporting and developing the CASS initiative, researching and evaluating our work within the Justice Sector and research into crime prevention strategies.

In addition we continue to participate in numerous smaller ad hoc research projects which arise from time to time.

The following publications are currently available on order from Glenda Caine or from major retailers:

Traditional Leaders : A KwaZulu-Natal Study 1999-2001
Owning Safety : A Profile of Community Initiatives
Mending the Fractures : Lessons Learnt from a Five-year Intervention to Strengthen the Criminal Justice Sector in KwaZulu-Natal
A Guide To The South African Criminal Justice System For Refugees And Migrants

The following publications are currently available online:

Post Conflict Peace Building in Richmond
Boundaries for a New Africa
The Blood Price of Coltan - A Literature Review of the Impact on the Eastern Lowland Gorilla
The Great Lakes Conflict      
Smoke and Fire in KwaZulu-Natal
The Role of Culture in Enviromental Decision-Making
Designing Boundaries for a Continent
Children at Risk: The Security Situation in Durban Schools
Protecting Your School from Violence & Crime :
        An evaluation of a one year pilot project

A Literature Review of Interventions and Programmes dealing with Youth Violence in Urban Schools in South Africa July 1999
An Evaluation of a One Year Programme to Implement Victim Support Services in Six South African Police Stations June 2000
Raising Rogue Warriors      
Gender Equity through Creative Conflict Resolution

Conflict and Reconciliation
Other Research Information