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The VEP project was a pilot training and facilitation project with the purpose of ensuring that, within the targeted police stations, members of the South African Police Service (SAPS) function effectively and are responsive to the needs of their beneficiaries, namely victims in the areas served by these stations. It is envisaged that this project purpose will contribute to the creation of a broader enabling environment for victims of crime in order to ensure an increased access to justice, law and information.

The project period was from March 1999 till March 2000 and was carried out in four police stations in KwaZulu-Natal and two in the Eastern Cape.

The project activities included training, facilitation, networking, material development, research and lobbying.

Background information about the Victim Empowerment Programme, research information and a brief version of the final report are contained in two issues of insight@ipt, our web journal,

November 1999   Victim Empowerment - Can the South African Police Service Deliver?
June 2000   Victim Empowerment : Report on a Pilot Project to Improve Police Service Delivery

The executive summary of the research report is now available

For further information about IPT's Victim Empowerment Work please contact Iole Matthews

Further information regarding the South African Police Service can also be found through Servamus -